Borges::WEBrickServlet (Class)

In: lib/Borges/WEBrick.rb
Parent: Object

Borges::WEBrickServlet is a Servlet for use with WEBrick.

To use:

require ‘Borges/WEBrick’ Borges::WEBrickServlet.start

This will start a WEBrick server on port 7000 and install an INT handler. The server can be killed with a ^C or by sending SIGINT.


create   do_GET   do_POST   new   start  


handler  [RW] 

Public Class methods

Create a new unstarted WEBrick server that listens on port 7000, and mounts the Borges::WEBrickServlet on /borges.

Start a Borges::WEBrickServlet with a SIGINT handler. Does not return until a SIGINT is sent.

Public Instance methods

WEBrick HTTP GET handler

do_POST(req, res)

Alias for do_GET