Borges::Controller (Class)

In: lib/Borges.rb
Parent: Object

External Aliases

new -> orig_new

Public Class methods

Returns the default session class for controllers. Subclasses of Controller may wish to override this method.

Public Instance methods

Returns the controller that is at the top of the controller stack. The active controller is the controller that will rendered and returned to the user.

Controllers are added to the controller stack via call

Return control to the controller that called this controller passing it value or nil.

Call answer when a controller’s activities is complete.

Pass control

Called when a controller desires to pass control to another controller.

If no controller is specified, then self is being called. If self is not going to answer, then don’t save a continuation.

Otherwise, delegate to the controller passed in, then call it.

Clear this controller’s delegates, making this controller the active controller.

Display a confirmation page, asking the user to confirm message. Returns true if the user confirmed, false if not.

Returns the delegate of this controller.

Set the delegate of this controller to controller.

Delegate rendering from this controller to controller for the duration of block.

Display a message to the user, providing an OK button for them to click.

Sets up a controller.

Causes block to be called and supplied as the result of answer, when answer is called.

Renders the currently active controller in context, returning the page to the user.

Renders this controller onto renderer r.

Requests the user to provide an input, providing them with a message, an input box with the initial value value, and a submit button labeled label.

Returns the currently active session for this controller.

Will this component ever call answer? Used to optimize calling of Controllers.

Redefine to return false if this Controller will never call answer.

Will this component ever call call? Used to optimize calling of Controllers.

Redefine to return false if this Controller will never call call.