Borges::CallbackStore (Class)

In: lib/Borges/Callback/CallbackStore.rb
Parent: Object

Borges::CallbackStore holds callbacks for processing. Callbacks are called in HTML order. Only one ActionCallback is called.

Public Class methods

Public Instance methods

Sets action_callback as the ActionCallback to run when form processing is finished.

Run a callback, passing it obj. Raises Borges::CallbackNotFound if the application writer made a boo-boo, like not specifying a radio_group for radio_buttons.

Processes the form fields from req, calling all appropriate callbacks, then returns the result of an action callback, if any.

Registers a Borges::ValueCallback that will run block. ValueCallbacks may take an argument.

Registers a Borges::DispatchCallback that will act as a placeholder for a ValueCallback.

Sorts the fields of the request to be processed. fields must be an Enumerable that yields two values.

Stores callback in the CallbackStore, and returns its index.

Converts field into an appropriate String representation.