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Borges is a continuation-based web application framework originally ported from on Seaside 2 that allows a linear style of programming of web applications. Components of a Borges web page can call and return from each other in a natural way, allowing complex interaction between components from simple methods. Backtracking is supported seamlessly, allowing a simple approach to building web applications that does not get in the developer's way.

Borges requires Ruby 1.8. Examples are provided, and are typically installed in /usr/local/share/examples/ruby/borges/.


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Borges-1.1.0 Released

Borges-1.1.0 fixes several memory issues allowing Borges to maintain a more stable memory size. Many Unit Tests have been added, and the Renderer API is mostly documented.

You can download Borges-1.1.0 from the Borges filelist.

Borges Quickref

Kaspar Schiess has collected this nice Borges Quick Reference document.


You can read the Borges Quickref, or browse the Borges RDoc.

You may also be interested in the Seaside 2 documentation:

Borges-Users Mailing List

If you have any questions or comments about Borges, you can subscribe to the borges-users mailing list.